AB LUCEM - From the light


Welcome to AB LUCEM.

My name is Brian R. Luedtke, and I invite you to spend some time with me here and read some of my stories.

Here you'll find all kinds of short stories. I've got horror, mystery, occult, and even some comedy and children's stories. You'll find some that are unfinished and unpolished, and others that are edited and complete. You'll even find some story challenges I've done, writing theories I have, and fan art others have submitted to me.

This is a place where I will write what I'm excited to write; and I hope that I can get you excited about it too. Please feel free to tell me about it, critique my work, or tell me about how writing is important to you as well.

Look around. These stories come with their own reading light.

-Brian R. Luedtke


Brian R. Luedtke is an author with a background in fiction, theory, screen, and technical editing and writing, and is a member of the International Screenwriters’ Association. His passion for storytelling led him to create www.ablucem.com where he showcases his short stories, writing theories, and two-sentence story challenges.