Dick Staten: A Noir Story's Final Chapter

What along and strange road it's been.

A story that I meant to start and finish in the summer of '14 grew into a small saga I've picked and poked at for 4 years.

That's way too long, but it taught me a lot of lessons along the way. It taught me how to get back into a story after a long break from it. It taught me how inspiration is less a moment in time and more a state of mind you learn to evoke. It also showed me how releasing chapters into the annals of immortality online without finishing the whole story first leads to a lot of things I wish I could change in the story and cant, but also where I can improve my work later on to embrace those issues and try to tie it all together. Hopefully I succeeded well enough.

Well, without further ado, I present to you the final chapter of Dick Staten: A Noir Story.

Please enjoy,

Brian R. Luedtke