Shout Out from Hello from the Magic Tavern

Thank you to Arnie Niekamp and everyone over at the Hello from the Magic Tavern podcast for the really awesome shout out they gave me on their latest episode: Road Trip.

I'm a long-time fan of Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore, and I have followed their exploits from the very beginning. I love them, and if you are a fan of improvisational (but self aware) comedy, then you'll love them, too. They are honestly a great listen and a huge inspiration behind Bard Mart.

I am so stoked that I was picked for a read out during their SquareSpace add spot (you'll find it at minute 39) from what was, I'm sure, tens of other submissions. I kid, it had to be at least dozens. And Arnie even butchered the site's name! I couldn't be happier!

The way he read my bio, though... I think I may need to rewrite that.

Anyway, thank you again Arnie, and I look forward to hearing more of your adventures in Foon soon.