AB LUCEM - From the light

I love to tell stories.

For as long as I remember, I was always telling a story. From the fantastical to the dark, from the wild to the sweet, I have always endeavored to say something memorable and compelling. I am always wanting to craft a narrative, or paint a picture in the mind's eye, or just strive to say enough.

But it is never enough.

Writing is my compulsion, and as long as I am compelled to write why not show you some of it.

This isn't everything. I'm not going to post the abandoned. You are not going to see the private. You would probably not be interested in the storylines I've crafted for a few friends over dice. But I do have stories I want to share, and here is where I'll share them.

Writing is a voice. My voice. As long as I write I am never without it.

Feel free to comment or contact me about the content you find in this place. Constructive criticism is welcome.  


Brian R. Luedtke is an author with a background in fiction, theory, screen, and technical editing and writing, and is a member of the International Screenwriters’ Association. His passion for storytelling led him to create www.ablucem.com where he showcases his short stories, writing theories, and two-sentence story challenges.